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California Psychics, Psychic Source and Oranum

Welcome to my California Psychics review where I’m going to give you my personal experience and explain in full detail why I believe this site is the best psychic site on the Internet. Deciding to get a psychic reading is a very personal choice and you need to know that the psychic on the other end of the line is going to be thoughtful, considerate, understanding and most of all connected with you. When you can find all of these features all wrapped into one, you know that you can face the world with a better outlook or make certain decisions that you may have been putting off.

My own personal experience with California Psychics

About 3 years ago, I was caught up in an extremely painful emotional debate with myself. My boyfriend had asked me to marry him and although I loved him very much there was something holding me back from saying yes. I called up California Psychics to get a reading. I needed to know whether I should be following the path of matrimony at that time or whether I should listen to my gut feeling and hold off on the wedding.

There was a problem though. The more I held off on saying yes to the proposal, the further away my boyfriend was sliding away from me. He could not understand what was going on and I certainly don’t blame him – I couldn’t even understand things myself! I had to find the answers and I knew that they would appear magically if I could just talk to the right psychic.

I look through the California Psychics reviews and profiles and picked out a psychic. I love the way they have the site set up. You can pick out one that handles specific aspects in a person’s life such as:

  • Relationships and love
  • Life path and destiny
  • Work and career
  • Finance and money
  • Past lives
  • Lost pets or people
  • Lost objects
  • Loved ones that have passed away

I could also choose an astrological or a horoscope reading if I wanted to. Obviously, I chose a psychic that worked with love relationships and was also experienced with helping to choose a life path. After looking through several of the California Psychics reviews I picked out a psychic and tried out the introductory offer that was so reasonably priced I couldn’t believe it!

I loved the fact that I was being offered a discounted price

Sometimes it’s hard to get started with things and I had never contacted a psychic before. I did have my hesitations so I was thrilled to see the introductory price. When the psychic came on the line, we connected instantly and I knew that I was going to find my answers.

We talked for a while. Although I didn’t tell him, the spiritual leader at California Psychics knew that my parents were divorced and then I was worried about committing myself to a relationship based on what I had seen in theirs. The minute he said it I knew it was true. I burst into tears, thanked the psychic and then instantly phoned my boyfriend. I made a date with him and over supper I told him that I would be proud to be his wife. Now, my husband is a true believer in psychics and has used them on occasion to help with his work and career.

I have no difficulty at all in giving California Psychics a 5/5 rating!

Psychic Source – My #2 Choice

If you’re curious, like I am, you’ll want to test the field to make sure that you have indeed found the best source for psychics. I decided to try this website out to see what it had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this site offered the same skilled psychic readings as my favorite but it also had a few rare divination services that I hadn’t seen before. The one thing it didn’t offer, however, was personalized horoscopes. I like to get those a couple of times a year.

The other thing that Psychic Source offers to its clients is the ability to get a reading either by phone or by live chat. There aren’t times when I’d like to schedule a psychic consultation but don’t want to be overheard. I like the fact that I can get a reading by chat and keep it personal when somebody else is in the room with me.

Great psychics, good prices and a wonderful reputation

I really don’t have a lot of bad things to say about this site. It also offers great psychics that have to prove themselves before being allowed to practice. There is a stringent policy in place so that only real psychics make it. That is important to me. I was also very impressed with the price. The prices seem competitive and when I was reading through the Psychic Source reviews some people mentioned that it had the best price when compared to other websites. I can’t say this is true, however, since it’s really hard to make a comparison when every psychic is charging a different price.

This psychic website has a fantastic reputation behind it. When I was first thinking about contacting a spiritual guide I saw that these two websites were the leaders according to customer reviews. They have both been in business for many years servicing a large clientele. That speaks volumes for me. I read one Psychic Source review from a person that said she would never go anywhere else for a reading!

What makes the California site better than the Psychic Source site?

For me, I just find that I am able to connect better with the psychics from the Californian psychic website. I have never had a problem getting a hold of my favorite readers and can always schedule a consultation when I need one the most. The connection with the professional is the most important feature of any reading. If you can’t connect, it really doesn’t matter what the psychic can offer or not. That’s why I put this one as my second choice and not as my first.

Psychic Source is a top-notch site for spiritual readings and I give it a 4.5/5 rating!

My #3 Choice – Oranum!

I have also tried out another site for psychics that uses a webcam only for readings. I like this site a lot – especially the easy-to-follow layout and design of the pages. It has a great feature on it that I hadn’t seen before that allows you to watch a sample video that has been provided by a psychic before you schedule a reading. I found that I could tell a lot by the video and could learn so much more about a psychic at Oranum than I could with a simple photograph that you commonly find at other sites.

When I tried out the webcam feature though, I was a bit disappointed. For me, I prefer to talk out loud and don’t want to type in my questions or answers. Other people don’t have a problem with this and report that the psychics on this site are phenomenal.

A money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied!

This site goes above and beyond what would be expected for customer satisfaction. If you’re not completely satisfied with your reading you can ask for a refund. According to the Oranum reviews though, it’s rare for anyone to ever request their money back.

If you want to try something completely different and to get a reading through a webcam, this site may be just what you need. Everyone has their own needs and wants when it comes to psychic readings and I am just here to let you know what has worked for me and what hasn’t.

One thing that a webcam consultation does provide is the chance to see the facial expressions that the psychic is making as she does the reading. When you are provided a service by email or telephone, you certainly don’t get the chance to see the psychic live. One of the Oranum review providers mentioned that this was an important aspect of the reading and helped her make a better connection with the psychic.

This psychic site provides webcam readings by experienced psychics and has earned the honors of being listed as my #3 choice with a rating of 4/5.

Choose the best psychics! You deserve to have your questions answered!

Now it’s all up to you. You’ve read through my review and it’s time to make a decision. I strongly suggest that you start your psychic adventure with the California website and then try the other ones out later for fun. I can say that the best connections I have ever made with psychics have occurred at this site and I have been offered accurate predictions there at an extremely competitive price.

Try California Psychics for yourself today at the low, low introductory price!

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    Sofia August 30, 2014

    I used California Psychics & Psychic Source. both are good. but i would recommend California Psychics.

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